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Abortion Victim Added

Posted by axeswipe on July 25, 2012 at 8:05 AM Comments comments (0)

It is with great sadness that I add Tonya Reeves, 24, to the Abortion Victims Memorial page. Tonya died July 25th, 2012 after hemorrhaging from a botched abortion performed at Chicago's 18 S. Michigan Avenue Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.

To add insult to injury, Planned Parenthood refused to acknowledge any responsibility for this young woman's death as evident by the statement given by Planned Parenthood of Illinois CEO Carole Brite to CBS News: "We were shocked and saddened upon learning of a tragic development at a nearby hospital. Our hearts go out to the loved ones of this patient,”

How evil can one be?

The autopsy, performed Saturday determined that Reeves died of hemorrhaging as a result of a Dilation & Evacuation abortion.

King Obama's Foreign Wives

Posted by axeswipe on February 9, 2012 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

    I feel today's liturgical readings are very appropriate to the socio-political climate in America today. The first reading, from the Book of Kings describes How King Solomon broke God's statutes and started building altars to and worshipping false gods that were worshipped by some of his foreign wives. One in particular was Molech, the Ammorite god, to whom infant children were sacrificed in hopes of receiving favors.

    In much the same way President Obama has become our King Solomon. He persistently breaks the statutes of God to give support to an industry by whom millions of unborn babies are sacrificed today in favor of false gods called, "convenience", "choice" and "reproductive rights". The leaders of that industry (who have filled his campaign coffers with millions of dollars) are his "foreign wives" pursuading him to fund their baby-sacrificing organization, their sacred cow, Planned Parenthood. The HHS Mandate requiring all employers buy insurance plans that cover contraception, sterilization and abortifacient drugs 100% is just Obama's latest bending to the will of his "foreign wives"

    The scary part in this reading is how God enacted his justice. Rather than punishing Solomon and his wives, he punishes Solomon's son by taking his power from the kingdom, leaving him only one tribe of Israel to rule over. So does this mean that Obama will face no punishment for his active complicity in the blood-letting of the unborn? Will instead his descendants suffer for his crimes? I would certainly hope not, but it seems that we often suffer for the crimes of our fathers, and I suspect that this could be no different. The descendants of his "foreign wives" have probably already paid the price of their mothers adoration of their idol, "choice".

As the psalm today said:

They sacrificed their sons
and their daughters to demons.
And the LORD grew angry with his people
and abhorred his inheritance.

    How long will we stoke the anger of God? How long will we stand by and allow the murderous sacrifices continue? How long must the blood of millions cry out to the Lord be fore we finally end it? Or He ends us?

    We need to put an end to this NOW! We must speak out in defense of life and put an end to the rampant human sacrifice that has been going on in America for tha last 49 years!

Hoosiers:1, Planned Parenthood:0

Posted by axeswipe on April 29, 2011 at 7:29 PM Comments comments (0)

The Indiana Legislature passed the pro-life House Bill 1210 this week and Governor Mitch Daniels announced today that he will sign it when it lands on his desk, which will make Indiana the most pro-life state in the Union since the 1973 Roe v Wade ruling abolished all state abortion laws making abortion legally available for any reason at any stage of pregnancy.

HB 1210, once signed into law will do several things:

  • End all state-directed funding to organizations that provide abortions
  • Prohibits abortions from being performed on the unborn at 20 weeks pregnancy
  • Opts-out of abortion coverage in any state health exchanges required under the new federal health law (Obamacare)
  • Requires that women considering abortion be given full and factual information in writing
  • Abortionists must have full admitting privileges at local hospitals in order to streamline emergency care admission for women injured during an abortion.

Immediately after Governor Daniels' announcement, NARAL went on the offensive, reiterating the mantra that this bill will remove affordable health care services foe Hoosier women. The only problem with this tired mantra is that it is completely false. For one, Planned Parenthood, who will lose the most from this, claims non-profit status, yet makes millions in profits from it's abortion business. Which means that it really does not need tax dollars to provide "health services", and if it does, then Planned Parenthood needs to learn how to streamline it's spending.

Also, Governor Daniels stated in his announcement that he had already commissioned a careful review of access to services across the state, which confirmed that all non-abortion services, whether family planning or basic women’s health, will remain readily available in every one of Indiana's 92 counties. He has also ordered the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration to see that Medicaid recipients receive prompt notice of nearby care options. He stated that he "will take any actions necessary to ensure that vital medical care is, if anything, more widely available than before."

Blows NARAL's argument right out of the water.

The message is clear. If you want tax dollars, then get out of the abortion business, period.

That said, Governor Daniels is still standing by his earlier comments that there should be a "truce" on social issues like abortion while the next President works on fixing the economy. One, I appreciate his optimism that Obama will not see a second term and hope for the same, but I have been disappointed by election results in the past. Two, social issues and fiscal issues are not exclusive. One impacts the other in multiple ways. Let's take the Social Security issue for example. Two things have driven the Social Security program to the near point of ruin:

  1. The Government kept borrowing money out of it to pay debts that it now cannot return to the fund
  2. Baby Boomers who are starting to retire and begin collecting Social Security benefits aborted 50% of the workforce who was supposed to replace them and contribute to the fund

At least Governor Daniels has the integrity to listen to his constituents in spite of his own opinion on the importance of this issue. I will be withholding full applause however, until he actually signs the bill into law.

Virginia Planned Parenthood Clinic Stung By LiveAction

Posted by axeswipe on February 3, 2011 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (0)

As expected, has released another video, this time showing a Virginia Planned Parenthood counseling a supposed pimp and prostitute on how to get around the law in order to get abortions for his underage sex workers. LiveAction has released the full, unedited footage to the Virginia State Attorney General and requested a investigation into Planned Parenthood clinics statewide. Last week's footage of a New Jersey clinic manager was decried by Planned Parenthood first as a "hoax" and the as an isolated incident after it fired the clinic manager shown in the video.

It is time for the government to wake up and defund Planned Parenthood. THese are not isolated incidents. These are trends that will continue to happen nationwide as Planned Parenthood continues to place minimum monthly quotas of abortions performed upon their clinics.

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Planned Parenthood Gets Stung Again

Posted by axeswipe on February 1, 2011 at 6:19 PM Comments comments (0) struck again! This time they went undercover into a New Jersey Planned Parenthood clinic disguised as a pimp and prostitute looking for information on how to get their (non-existant) underage, illegal immigrant prostitutes tested for STD's and abortions if necessary.

While talking to the clinic manager, she counseled them to coach their lie to her staff about their age, gave them the address to another abortion clinic that will perform illegal abortions on 14 year old girls and told them to call in advance so that she can "streamline things" for them.

There's more, but I'll let you watch the video for yourself.

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Planned Parenthood contacted the FBI last week when they discovered that LiveAction was potentially running another video sting (a knee-jerk cover-your-arse reaction) and Planned Parenthood supporters are critical of the "heavily edited" video. While the video has been edited. There was not enough to create any doubt about the truth of what was said in the conversation and the context was retained. LiveAction has submitted the complete, unedited video footage to the Department of Justice for it's own review and investigation.

Indiana representative, Mike Pence has introduced legislation that would permanently remove Title X funds from any organization that performs abortions. This could very well be the incident that convinces legislatures to pass this legislature at best or defund Planned Parenthood at least.

Let's pray for the best ;)

*Update* Here are the top lines from the video as provided by LiveAction's Lila Rose:

TopNJ PP Lines


“Pimp”: Live Action undercover actor

“Prostitute”: Live Action undercover actor

“PP”: Planned Parenthood of Central NewJersey in Perth Amboy,clinic manager, Amy Woodruff


Footage is marked by screen/frameshot.

Footage taken January 13th, 2011.

Footage taken at Perth Amboy Center,

450 Market Street

Perth Amboy, NJ 08861




Don’tWant to Get Anybody in Trouble

Pimp: Now the thing is, um, okay, so some of ‘emare like, eh, some of ‘em are young, they’re kind of like, like 15,14, and then some of them don't speak any English. 

PP: Uh, huh, ok

Pimp: You know, cause they're not even from here, soit's like -- how can they come in here? Cause it’s like, they don'talways feel comfortable coming into facilities.


PP: One, minors are always accepted without parentalconsent.

Pimp: Ok, ok

PP: The only thing you do have to be careful is

20300 if they are minor, we are obligated, if we hearany certain information to kind of report, so, the first thing that is, what ifthey do speak English or even Spanish,

20800 it doesn’t matter what they speak –if we’re going to have it translated, they just have to be aware, thatthey have to be careful with whatever – you know, I’m not going tobe like leading -- I'm don’t want to get anybody in trouble, it’sjust -


We Want As Little Information As Possible

Pimp: No, no, that’s fine - so how would yourecommend, I mean, cause you want them to get the help, so - 


PP: Well, exactly, but so, like mainly, like on thepaperwork there’s going to be a point that asks, uh, like are yousexually active, stuff like that -

Pimp: Yeah, yeah

PP: …if they're under a certain age… - youknow, me and my other counselor, like for the most part we want as littleinformation as possible – cause we don’t want to be involved inthat shit.

Pimp: Appreciate that, appreciate that.



Play Room

PP: Cause once we get to the nurse practitioner, she'sa little bit more anal, so she likes to kind of dig a little bit more. Youknow, like “How old is your partner?” … You know, that kindof stuff.

22300 so that's where, so, even if they lie, just say,“Oh he's the same age as me, 15, you know, so if they’re…it'sjust that mainly 14 and under we have to, doesn't matter if their partner's thesame age, younger, whatever, 14 and under we have to report. [edit]

22800 once they get to 15, then there's a little bitmore play room. So as long as they just lie and say, “Oh, he's 15,16….you know, as long as they don't say 14, and as long as it's not toomuch of an age gap, then we just kind of like, we just kind of play with it alittle bit.



Minors and Abortions: “You Never Got This From Me”

Pimp: So, what should they say? 


PP: Well, here's the thing, if they're not having anyissues and they're coming in just for STD testing, I would say they wouldprobably be more just to come in for the testing, no exam.


Pimp: What if they need an abortion though?


PP: Oh, that's a completely different story now. No,no, now this is more - [crosstalk] If they come in for pregnancy testing ---um, shit, at that point it still needs to be, 

24600 you never got this from me, just to make all ofour lives easier. If they’re 14 and under [circles clinic paper] justsend them right there if they need an abortion, ok? [laughter] 


Prostitute: Ok, will they ask questions… need IDor something?

PP: They won’t need ID, them, they're gonna be alittle bit more different, but

25200 their protocols aren't as strict as ours, andthey don't get audited the same way that we do, like with the [inaudible]



Without Mom Knowing What The Hell’s Going On

PP: Trust me, like, I use this like my Bible.  Youget so many parents, [inaudible], I mean I understand where they’recoming from, but they’re like, “Oh, but she’s a minor”– ok, yeah, so?


Prostitute: Yeah, but they still need to be seen

28300 exactly, you know she's still entitled to carewithout Mom knowing what the hell's going on,

28300 alright so for pregnancy 14 and under just keepus out of the loop – because they’re going to see – 

Pimp: Exactly, exactly, yeah they’d have toreport



Out of Country 2

31400 Now are most of them, when you said they don'tspeak English, do they at least speak Spanish?


Pimp: Ah, some of them are like, Asian

PP: Oh, okay. No matter what, we do have access to liketelephone translators, so if they don't speak English or Spanish we can makedo. 



Look As Legit As Possible: Put Down That They’re Sudents

Pimp: Is there any difference between the ones that arelike 15 and 14?  Will there be anything different that they need?


PP: No the only thing is the fees are cheaper.

Pimp: Oh!

PP: Yeah, cause we go on a sliding scale fee dependingon income and family size.

Pimp: Ok


PP: 19 and under, here’s a thing too. If they'reminors, just tell them to put down that they're students. 

Pimp: Students?

PP: Yeah, just kind of play along…thatthey’re students. We want to make it look as legit as possible– 

Pimp: Yeah, we want to make it look as legit– 



From Out of the Country

Pimp: Ok, ok, so we might just need to get ‘em inhere as soon as they get in here, from out of the country, why not just getthem checked out immediately.

PP: M’hm

Pimp: You know, that way we know ahead of time.


PP: I’m assuming most of them are coming inillegally, right? 


Pimp: Exactly, exactly… 


PP: And we don't do, um, you know, immigrants welcome,we don't require social, you know - 

Pimp: Cool, cool



Illegals Welcome

PP: I’m assuming most of them are coming inillegally, right? 


Pimp: Exactly, exactly… 


PP: And we don't do, um, you know, immigrants welcome,we don't require social, you know - 

Pimp: Cool, cool


PP: We try to keep everything as confidential aspossible, the only thing that ever gets shared is like with the StateDepartment – you know, positive results and stuff like that -



We’re Gonna Kinda Alter the Story And Tweak the Information

37700 PP: I'm the office manager here, so if you guyshave any questions, just let me know. So for the most part, I'm usually the onedoing most of the interviewing before they go back to the exam room.

Prostitute: Ok, great


PP: Occasionally you do have somebody, you know, who'shelping out, I might have like an extra person, you might end up gettingsomebody else – but you know -


Prostitute: Yeah I'm sure they’ll be fine. Imean, if I'm comfortable with you, then -


PP: Exactly, and you just kind of, so the whole thingis with me we already know, I see you, we already know we're gonna kind ofalter the story and kinda see what we can do to kinda tweak information.


Prostitute: Yeah.



My Nurse Practitioner: F***ing C***

39300 PP: You know my nurse practitioner is a very goodwoman clinically, but between the three of us, because we're already cool,she's a fucking cunt, we hate her.


Pimp: Yeah, okay.


PP: Like I said, clinically she's good, she knows hershit, but like I said, she likes to dig, she likes to, you know,

39600 sometimes she likes to be the hero when she'sreally the villain. So like I said, we'll kinda tweak the stuff, so she mightbe like, "Oh well, you need to fill this in" --"Well, I'm notcomfortable answering that until I'm with the nurse." You know orwhatever.


Pimp: I like that, I like that.



We’ll Kinda Tweak The Stuff

PP: Like I said, clinically she's good, she knows hershit, but like I said, she likes to dig, she likes to, you know,

39600 sometimes she likes to be the hero when she'sreally the villain. So like I said, we'll kinda tweak the stuff, so she mightbe like, "Oh well, you need to fill this in" --"Well, I'm notcomfortable answering that until I'm with the nurse." You know orwhatever.


Pimp: I like that, I like that.

PP: You know, you just--

Pimp: Yeah, we don't want people getting all in ourbusiness and all of that -



Pimp and Planned Parenthood “On the Same Page”

Pimp: Yeah, I like that we’re on the same page.


PP: Yeah, you know, and do you guys work mainly aroundhere? 

Pimp: Yeah, in the area.

PP: Because we do have other offices too but like Isaid everybody's a little different. Here, I can definitely say my nurse practitioner,she digs more.  




41100 Some other places they might not dig as much,they might dig more -


Pimp: Do you know of any other places where the nursepractitioner is not as-- 


PP: See, but it's really hard to tell because it's gonna be on a client by client basis, 

41600 worst ever comes to worst, you guys come see me.You get to this point, if I think there's gonna be a massive bump in the road,I'll jump in, we'll see what I can do, with you know, nobody looking and shit likethat.



Partner in Crime

PP: Keren is my right hand. She's the one who was at the front desk that you just spoke to, dark hair. But, if I'm not available,you just say, “Hey listen, I know Amy, just have her give me a call back,she's-“


Pimp: Yeah, Keren seemed cool.


PP:  Yeah, she's my partner in crime, and we tryto do the best that we can. So she was telling me the story that you guys kindof needed, you know, somebody who knew what the hell they were talking about.



Waist Up!

Prostitute: And then, question, if it comes down thatthey do need an abortion, how long till they can be sexually active again?


PP: Aaaaoh, minimum two weeks, minimum two weeks.


Prostitute: Do you have any suggestions about what theycould do in that time, like, cause they still need to work?


PP: Yeah, um, waist up.

43800 Pimp: Waist up?

43800 Waist up, or just be that extra action walkingby.



Slide It

Pimp: We might just need to uh, is there any way wecould stream line this? Like, how ‘bout I slide you a little -


PP: Depending on what the situation is, we might beable to do that.


Pimp: We could slide you like a 100, to just like uh,help us.



You Need Condoms?

PP: Alright, so that's my cell.

Pimp: So we could slide you like what a 100, 200? Like,what you need?


PP: I think we'll figure it out as we see what we need– 

Prostitute: Yeah


PP: Yeah, so right now, you guys need any condoms rightnow to get you started?



We’ll Work It Out

48500 PP: We’ll work it out.

Pimp: Yeah, work it out.

PP: Yeah, and obviously, if you something before theweekend, I’ll need a couple days notice – 

Pimp: Sure.  Yeah, we gonna –

PP: Pleasure meeting you guys!  We’ll worksomething out, and take care of your girls too.



Give Me Notice


PP: Yeah, so, and if you guys give me a couple days notice, that way I can even have it all set up –

Pimp: You can have it all set up, streamlined –get them in, and out.

 you can get here before we open

Prostitute: That would be good.

PP: Cause there’s even days when I’m herebefore we open, so if we can even keep it [inaudible], it might be easier–

Prostitute: That’s be good.

PP: We’ll work it out.


One Morning At The Abortion Mill

Posted by axeswipe on January 28, 2011 at 10:07 AM Comments comments (2)

I finally dragged myself out of bed early enough this morning (never mind the fact that I barely slept last night) to stand outside Louisville's only abortion clinic to pray for the young women who think abortion is their only solution to a unplanned pregnancy. Thi sis something I have been feeling the call to do, but have not recognized the opportunity until today.

I arrived at ten till seven and the clinic escorts (a.k.a., "Angels of Death" or "Deathscorts") were already outside in full force and a few cars were already out front with young women waiting for the clinic to open. I was warmly greeted by a street counselor right at seven o'clock who spends the time approaching women to offer them literature and hopefully convince them to go to the neighboring pregnancy resource center instead of the abortion clinic. A Woman's Choice Resource center now has facilities not only accross the street but also in the space adjoining to the EMW abortion clinic. It is great that they can now get these young women not only out of the hands of the abortionists, but can get them real help just a few steps away.

I started praying the rosary while other "prayer warriors" and sidewalk counselors arrived.

At about 7:15, the Deathscorts round up all of the women who are going to the clinic and line them up in a column of twos and croud around them in an effort to keep the sidewalk counselors from making any contact with them. Seeing this brought to mind the image of cattle being herded into a chute in preparation of sending them into the slaughterhouse, which when you think about it, is exactly what they were doing. They were herding these women into the clinic in order to slaughter their babies. I kept praying for the lord to touch these women's hearts and to change their minds. Meanwhile, the sidewalk counselors constantly talked to the women through the wall of Deathscorts offering to take them to the resource center for free sonograms and other pre-natal services and support. The women waiting to enter the clinic just looked straight ahead at the glass doors, not wanting to aknowledge that what they were about to do is wrong and not wanting to aknowledge the presence of the sidewalk counselors, knowing that their resolve would fail if they did.

The clinic staff opened the doors at about 7:20 and herded the women inside. I finished praying a decade of the Rosary and started praying the Chaplet of Devine Mercy. Sidewalk counselors talked to the women inside, continuing to exhort them to accept real help. I don't know if they were heard or not as they talked in a normal tone of voice, not yelling, nor shouting in order to be heard. Meanwhile one of the Deathscorts gave a snide, evil laugh at the fact that he did his job and got those women into the clinic.

I continued to pray.

It was very sad to watch and I continued to pray.

At 7:45, I had to bid farewell to the others that were out there as it was time for me to make my way to work. I was informed that 13 women entered the clinic this morning. 13 babies were possibly killed this morning.

And I will continue to pray....

Abortion Victims Memorial Page Added

Posted by axeswipe on January 26, 2011 at 3:37 PM Comments comments (0)

I have decided to add a memorial page to the site listing the names of women who have died as a result of complications or other factors directly related to obtaining an abortion.

We all need to remember that these women did not need to die. That there were alternatives available to them besides abortion, if someone had just been able to talk to them and educate them and offer them assistance.

Please view the list and email me with any other names so that they shall not be forgotten. The email link is on the memorial page.

March for Life Media Coverage Disappointing

Posted by axeswipe on January 25, 2011 at 9:33 AM Comments comments (0)

Yesterday a sea of Pro-Life proponents marched on our nation's capital...and no one in the main-stream media seemed to notice. I find this very disappointing. While EWTN provided live coverage all day, the Associated Press gave it a single (and I might add, "forced") article which barely aknowledged the event and ended with a dubious statement that the majority of adults support the Supreme Court's decision on Roe v. Wade (of course, it fails to cite where it's statistics came from).

I expected as much from liberal media outlets, but even a look at the conservative Fox News (who claims to be "fair and balanced") website produced nothing but chirping crickets. Any other press came from small religious and pro-life outlets.

I really wonder how such an enormous event could be so easily shrugged off and ignored by the media? Certainly in light of the atrocities commited by late-term abortionist, Dr. Kermit Gosnell this should have been a major story, but sadly, the MSM has been mysteriously quiet on that story as well and the pro-abortion industry has also either ignored it or spun the story to make it appear that pro-lifers forced pregnant women into his clinic.

Ironically, Friday, the MSM and abortion proponents all took time to glorify President Obama for re-affirming his stance that abortion is perfectly acceptable at all stages of infant development to include, apparently, post-natal up to the age of 3.

So sad...

What Do You REALLY Mean by CHOICE?

Posted by axeswipe on January 21, 2011 at 1:27 PM Comments comments (2)

Seriously, what DO they mean by "Choice"?

It's not a choice for the unborn, they get no say in the matter.

It's not a choice for the father who may actually want a child. Radical feminism has convinced women that men must have no say in the matter whatsoever.

The frightened, confused and often ill-informed women who go into abortion clinics or other "Pro-Choice" centers are not provided information on ALL of the options available to them besides abortion so that they cannot make a educated and well-formed decision. Therefore, they are not provided with a choice, because they are not necessarily aware of the alternative options in regards to their unborn baby.

So what do they mean by "Choice" and for whom do they think gets to make it?

While I'm writing on this subject, I would like to respond to a few of the classic arguments that are constantly thrown out by "pro-choice" women.

1) "Until men can get pregnant, they have no say in the matter"

Well, if men could get pregnant, then seriously, what would we need women for? The very nature of this argument is fallacious, since man has proven time and time again that anything that does not serve a uniquely desirable purpose is either destroyed or left to destruction and the femal gender would have become extinct ages ago. Just look to China for an example. They are having to import brides due to the unavailability of Chinese brides, a situation that has been created  by China's single-child policy and the ability of parents to abort their baby just because it's a girl.

As it is, it takes two people, a man and a woman to create a baby, no matter what method is used (natural, IVF, etc.) and if a man has no say in whether the baby he helped create (intentionally or not) gets to be born or not, then he should be making 100% absolutely, positively certain that he sperm is not coming into contact with any woman or her eggs. Which means keep it in you pants boys.

I also pity any man who marries a woman who holds this belief, because he is likely to be emasculated in short-order by his radical feminist wife and will either spend his life miserably married to her or eventually divorced from her and damaged goods to other women.

2) "Men can keep their hands off my uterus/ovaries/reproductive rights"

In which case, they should be looking forward to either a long life of celibacy or lesbianism.

At the same time they should be pushing for legislature prohibiting any male doctor from performing any kind of abortion, since it involves him making medical decisions or recommendations that do have a direct correlation to your uterus/ovaries/reproductive rights as well as literally putting his hands on them. I would really support this since I'm willing to bet that the majority of doctors performing abortions are men.

3)  "Abortions should stay safe..."

Except there is nothing safe about abortion. Surgical abortions just like any other surgery has risks such as cuts/nicks to internal organs/body parts causing infections, internal bleeding and a visit to th eemergency room at best and death at worst. Chemical abortions have their own unique set of risks to include allergic reactions, chemical-induced hemmhoraging, cramping and again a possible visit to the E.R. at best or death at worst.

4) "...and legal"

Keeping abortion legal simply reinforces the false notion that abortion is morally acceptable. When laws are in place that ban immoral acts, the general population is generally deterred from performing that act. Granted, there will always be that fringe that will act in defiance of the law, but the percentage of women who suffered or died each year while having an "illegal" abortion before the Roe v. Wade decision is lower than those who suffered or died from "legal" abortions after Roe v. Wade.

5) "Why should I be punished/burdened with children"

Simply, because they are the ones who are going to wipe your butt and take care of you in your old age, should you live that long. Analysts keep talking about how Social Security will not be able to support the increasing number of retirees because it will run out of money. Why? Because we have aborted our replacements in the work-force who should be contributing to the Social Security fund. Half of the people who should be working and contributing to Social Security today never made it out of the womb alive.