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King Obama's Foreign Wives

Posted by axeswipe on February 9, 2012 at 7:00 PM

    I feel today's liturgical readings are very appropriate to the socio-political climate in America today. The first reading, from the Book of Kings describes How King Solomon broke God's statutes and started building altars to and worshipping false gods that were worshipped by some of his foreign wives. One in particular was Molech, the Ammorite god, to whom infant children were sacrificed in hopes of receiving favors.

    In much the same way President Obama has become our King Solomon. He persistently breaks the statutes of God to give support to an industry by whom millions of unborn babies are sacrificed today in favor of false gods called, "convenience", "choice" and "reproductive rights". The leaders of that industry (who have filled his campaign coffers with millions of dollars) are his "foreign wives" pursuading him to fund their baby-sacrificing organization, their sacred cow, Planned Parenthood. The HHS Mandate requiring all employers buy insurance plans that cover contraception, sterilization and abortifacient drugs 100% is just Obama's latest bending to the will of his "foreign wives"

    The scary part in this reading is how God enacted his justice. Rather than punishing Solomon and his wives, he punishes Solomon's son by taking his power from the kingdom, leaving him only one tribe of Israel to rule over. So does this mean that Obama will face no punishment for his active complicity in the blood-letting of the unborn? Will instead his descendants suffer for his crimes? I would certainly hope not, but it seems that we often suffer for the crimes of our fathers, and I suspect that this could be no different. The descendants of his "foreign wives" have probably already paid the price of their mothers adoration of their idol, "choice".

As the psalm today said:

They sacrificed their sons
and their daughters to demons.
And the LORD grew angry with his people
and abhorred his inheritance.

    How long will we stoke the anger of God? How long will we stand by and allow the murderous sacrifices continue? How long must the blood of millions cry out to the Lord be fore we finally end it? Or He ends us?

    We need to put an end to this NOW! We must speak out in defense of life and put an end to the rampant human sacrifice that has been going on in America for tha last 49 years!

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