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The "War" on Women Religious: Hardly

Posted by axeswipe on May 4, 2012 at 1:15 PM

Lately, the left has been decrying the Catholic Church's "crackdown" on the "poor sweet nuns" of the Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) saying that it is a war on all nuns in America in order to force them into submission to the heirarchy of "old men in robes" and to force sisters to "bow to the will of Rome". To top it all off, they *gasp* appointed a bishop (you know, one of those old men in robes") to beat these poor innocent women into submission. This is hardly true.

First of all, the LCWR only represents a small percentage of nuns in America. The vast majority of women religious are in no way affected (or targeted) by the renewal measures determined to be necessary by the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF). Measures that were deemed necessary due to the flagrant disregard for Church teaching and outright public opposition to the US Council of Bishops (USCCB) when the bishops opposed Obamacare over it's funding of abortion by the leadership of the LCWR.

Second, the average person, frankly (including the average Catholic) wouldn't even recognize these women as Religious, since they tend to prance around in expensive business suits instead of the habits that (in my opinion) not only identify a Religious Sister's dedication to being a bride of Christ through love, charity, prayer and sacrifice but also inspire the respect due to them because of their selfless response to their call to vocation. Despite the claims to otherwise, the Leadership of the LCWR has ceased to be charitable and have become political lobbyists, consorting with Obama's ultra-liberal left-wing administration to cause confusion among Catholic voters by proclaiming liberal agenda items (abortion, same-sex marriage, etc.) as compatible with Church teachings when in truth, they aren't.

Seattle Archbishop Peter Sartain was appointed as Archbishop Delegate to oversee this renewal, with the assistance of other bishops, women religious by working with the LCWR leadership. The mandate for the Delegate includes:

·Revision of LCWR statutes

·Review of LCWR plans and programs, including its General Assemblies

·Creation of programs for LCWR member congregations in initial and on-going formation

·Review LCWR’s application of liturgical norms and texts

·Review of LCWR affiliation with Network and the Resources Center for Religious Life.

In other words, renewing the truth of Catholic faith and doctrine among the upper echelons of the LCWR, where it is needed the most.


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