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Posted by axeswipe on June 14, 2012 at 1:20 PM

Lisa Graass wrote on her Catholic Bandita blog about corporate sponsorships of MTV's "SavageU" program which is basically homosexual activist and collumnist Dan Savage going to college campuses and pretending to be some kind of psychologist sex advisor like Dr. Ruth or Dr. Drew in his own vulgar and disgusting way. While MTV gave "SavageU" a TV-14 rating, it has been admitted by MTV leadership that it is being marketed to children as young as 12 years of age. Hardly appropriate.

While Lisa exhorts readers to contact the corporate sponsors like Burger King and Subway in order to get them to drop their sponsorships. My idea on the other hand is to contact your cable and satellite tv companies to tell them to drop MTV copletely since it no longer does what it was originally intended to do, which was air music videos for our entertainment.

One liberal combox comment posted that got my attention was "Here’s an idea: if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Why do you have to tell other people what they can watch?"

Well, first of all, I don't watch. I don't even get MTV, because I'm a cheap bastard who refuses to pay more than $14.00 a month for basic cable, which provides me with the local network affiliates, some other local programming and TCM, which is far better programming than anything MTV could possibly put out today. My kids love watching the old classics (especially musicals) and do not complain at all about not having MTV. I guess I've done something right.

Second, Lisa isn't trying to tell people what they can watch, she is trying to educate parents about what their KIDS are watching, and most concerned parents would agree that anything involving Dan Savage is completely innappropriate for children of any age to view. The fact is that most parents today are too busy with careers and worrying about paying bills to pay real attention to what their kids are watching much of the time and may not even be aware of "SavageU". Parents need to be informed, parents need to be responsible and parents need to be authoritative when deciding what their kids can and can not watch on television. That's called parenting.

Third, the whole "if you don't like x, then don't do x" is classic liberal fallacy. That's like "If you don't like mass murder, then don't buy guns". Well, sorry, but a recent preliminary FBI report shows that increased gun ownership corresponds with a decrease in violent crime. Plus, it might be my gun that one day stops a mass murderer.

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